How to Add Photos to your Ipad

Seems simple, right. If you own all Apple products it is. Your iphone shots, Instagram, etc,all show up in your photostream. . Snap. And it’s everywhere. ( taken from the Apple website)

But, what if you don’t own an iphone or use a digital camera. ( personally I still love my Nikon)

Here are my favorite solutions.:

 1. Buy the camera adapter for the ipad. I think this the best purchase I have ever made.

Where ever I am, I import the photos I want and start creating photo pages to share.

So Simple, So Easy


2. Android phone owner.   Download Dropbox

Free and available via cloud technology.  Shoot, save to  dropbox ,open the dropbox ipad app. ( like magic the photos are there) and save to camera roll. (now you can create a slide show after you have created the coolest helloalbum on the planet.

 Have fun!



Best way to get photos on your ipad

If you have all Apple products you can skip this blog post. Apple’s new icloud system works like magic syncing all photos on the ipad, iphone and Mac. I personally love how my  iphone shots  are on my ipad in an instant.

For those of you who have a variety of devices.. it is still really easy to sync photos on the ipad.



Love your digital camera, then buy the camer adpater from Apple. I am not sure why more peopel don’t buy that wonderful and fairly inexpensive add on. Anywhere I am, I can dump my photos on my ipad and start playing with them.