Great Employee Gift – show appreciation with helloalbums

This very cool company in Chicago starting ordering helloalbums photo books, celebrating employee anniversery dates. 

The best ideas really do come from customers. A very savvy human resource director says the books are a smashing hit. ” Everyone loves them”.  My CEO found the app on his ipad and thought it would make great gifts.  

 Of course I would not post the actual books, but this has the look she did. 

Very small cost to show personalized apprecation. 






Stand up business cards – helloalbums

I just love my business cards designed by Michelle Snyder, NY.  Petite with some snap. They pop-open and stay that way on a table ( great for display) and store flat in a tote bag.  Eveytime I hand one out ” that is cool”.. is the general response.




forever wedding photo book – helloalbums ipad app

Man I wish I was getting married again. Ok, not to a new guy, I just want to do the wedding part over. The wedding goods are absolutely beautiful  and then add Carol  Fazio’s Forever Wedding Photo book ( to die for). 

Carol has created a beautiful photo book template adding to her wonderful new series available soon at helloalbums ipad app.  Give this book as a gift to the bride and groom with shots you take at the wedding or build it yourself as a to-go memento.