Designers: helloalbums and RUVAcards

Hello Everyone,

I am been stuggling with a way to communicate all the stuff we have in the works.I do have a facebook group page that would be great if you would join and I am dong this private blog post. Our Facebook page is closed, so no one can see. Join so you can keep up, check us out.. I will use this for future designers…

Some of you have been with RUVAcards and helloalbums for a quite a while, others are working  on new designs and a  few can’t fit it in their schedule right now, but check out our posts to see what is up.If you gave us designs in the last few years, they will most likely be in the new section, but an update from you would be very cool if you never did a back side. All the cards are 2-sided now.

Our goal: highlight , promote and sell your designs ( printed by RRImages or Heyrman Printing) 

From the beginning I wanted to create a boutique site. ( like walking into your favorite stationery story). Our new holiday site area will spot light you.. your designs, links to your site or etsy shop ( as long as it does not directly compete). And your Passion..

RUVacards and helloalbums wants to give back  and we do have an area to donate with every purchase but I would like to give something back  related to your passion and designs.I will be looking for charities that I can donate.. IE art supplies to kids in Africa. So we every order or dollar amount RUVacards and helloalbums donate one box of supplies.. ( I think you get the idea). I am not sure I will have this totally in place this season, but your passions will help me go in the right direction.

If you haven’t joined basecamp it is ok, but when you start sending us designs it the way we stay on track. If Jess ( partner for RUVAcards) has any questions she will let you know. Jess is the brains behind the new designs/site etc  and Carol Fazio has been giving us some awesome advice and designs. She isa  featured designers on Minted. Josh is our new production designer, adding cards and fixing stuff.

Man Vs. George, Ryan, his stuff is just plain cool.

New fonts by YellowDesign Studio. ( Thirsty Script, Melany Lane, Skitch).

Jess will post the final designer profile for you to update next week.

We are busy adding cards ( the cutomizer can be quite tricky).

Helloalbums:ipad application.

Is coming along quite well. I am working on Seed money and it is going ok. It is not an easy process to raise money.. I am getting fabulous emails from customers, who love the book and workng with a taleted developers in NY and overseas. 

We are adding USPS soon, so the price will come down. Right now we charge a $9.95 for shipping. Yikes that is bad, it will go to $1.99.It takes a bit of coding to change it.

Also we adding some very cool new designs, from Carol, Dinah and Michelle. Download the app and have some fun..